Sheriff Hain Supports Judge Flood

I'm Kane County Sheriff Ron Hain. In our criminal justice system, we rely on judges with strong experience, competency and balance to bring equal justice inside of our courtrooms. That is why for this November 2020 Election I am endorsing Judge Elizabeth Flood for Kane County Circuit Court Judge. I have known Elizabeth for 15 years. I'm well aware of her service in criminal justice and as a judge, and she is an example of everything that we need on our bench in Kane County. So please join me in supporting Judge Elizabeth Flood's election in November of 2020. Thank you.

I am Judge Elizabeth Flood, one of your Circuit Court Judges. I thank Sheriff Hain for his kind words and gladly accept his endorsement. I promise to work hard to be fair and impartial in the courtroom every day, and I ask for your vote in November.

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