Mayor Rogina Supports Judge Flood

This is Ray Rogina, the Mayor of the City of St. Charles. I'm here today to proudly endorse Judge Elizabeth Flood for the Kane County Circuit Court. Judge Flood and I met in a very intriguing way. I received a note in my office that said Betsy Flood bought a “Lunch with the Mayor.” We were talking, and of course I talked about my career as an educator, and now the Mayor. I said, “By the way, what do you do?” And she said, “I'm a judge.” And I said, “A judge?”

The rest of the day, we let the kids have their meal, and we just chatted about the law and the courts. We've been friends ever since, and it's been a very nice relationship. I've known Judge Flood to be a leader, she's intelligent and most importantly, she gives back to the community.

I endorse Judge Elizabeth Flood for the 16th Circuit of Kane County.

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